Russian Travel Trade Мedia: Review

Here we offer you the list of professional travel media who write mostly for travel agents. Tour operators and hotels use these media for publicity and advertisement, therefore, 70-90% of information published there, are PR-articles, company news etc.
If you are willing to enter the market with your own product and to work with travel agents, learn more about them in our review.

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Weakening of the National Currency Resulted in Loss of 17 Billion Rubles to Aeroflot

The company report for 2014 stated that losses are determined by so cold paper corrections, without them net profit of Aeroflot totaled more than 10.8 billion rubles.

As of year-end 2014, revenue of Aeroflot Group exceeded 319 billion rubles which is 9.9 per cent more than a year before. In addition, the revenue of regular traffic increased for 10 per cent and amounted more than 253.6 billion rubles.  

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Russians in Thailand Save Money on Shopping and Excursions

The high season in Thailand is almost over, and although there are at least two months ahead, DMC’s already consider the season as one of the most difficult in their history.

The thing is that not only the tourists’ flow, but also the purchasing power of tourists have decreased because of devaluation of the ruble. It was especially noted in Pattaya, traditionally attractive for budget travelers.

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Bulgaria is Willing to Make Free Visas For Children Up to 16 Years Old

On Monday, March 16, 2015, the Minister of Tourism of Bulgaria, Nikolina Angelkova, has several meetings with EU representatives in Brussels to discuss the question of facilitating procedure for Russians.

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VIM AVIA took the first place by the number of delayed flights

In the number of delayed flights in February, VIM AVIA airline is number one among Russian air companies. 54 flights, or 9.36%, were delayed in total by VIM AVIA according to the data published on Russian Aviation website.

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Sochi became the most popular city for traveling with kids

Sochi became the most popular city for Russians for traveling with kids on spring break. This southern destination beat Saint-Petersburg and Moscow both by number of bookings and by their duration. However, Sochi is the most expensive city for holidays according to information of online booking service

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Popular Movies Affect Tourists’ Choice

Popular movies directly affect the choice of trip destination. For example, after run of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the requests of Russians for hotels and flights to Iceland (where the main character performed by Ben Stiller) increased almost double. It is written in the report of Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

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Transaero is selling tickets to Egypt to individual tourists

On March 14, 2015, Transaero air company gave detailed comment to TourDom concerning the situation on Egyptian destination. Last time travel agents noted that some of their clients started going to Egypt on their own by buying flight tickets from Transaero, which was never noted before.

The air company stated that because of decrease of seats booked by tour operators, it had to increase the number of tickets sold through its own sales points. 

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